Pampas grass is one of the most popular items to decorate a house. You can put it anywhere in your bedroom, living room or in your office. Also at wedding time or on any occasion, this grass is perfect for decoration.  

Why do people like pampas grass?

First of all, this grass doesn’t require any type of maintenance or additional care. Decor preparation is so easy. Take the pampas grass outside to open it up and prevent mess indoors. Give it a gentle shake and leave it in the sunlight for 3 hours to make it extra fluffy. Then put it in a vase. Easiest home decoration ever. Also, It’s famous because it’s soft and pretty, and it adds a nice touch to your place. The grass comes in neutral colours, so it goes well with any style.

Pampas grass

After researching a lot about pampas grass, we fin 10 pampas grass which will make your house more stylish. Don’t worry, if you have your own choice. We will only recommend you to buy it if you are confusing about your choice.

RiverNoir dried pampas grass

They picked each of the 71 pieces of pampas in the River Noir collection on purpose. They were chosen to really catch your eye and look great in any room. You can use these for everyday decorations at home or work, or for special times like weddings and parties! The maximum size of this grass is 44cm in length so you can easily cut to get your desired length. Get a nice vase that matches the length of River Noir Pampas Grass to make it look really good. This product will arrive in a beautiful custom-made box so you can give it as a gift to your friends or family. For more details, you can click this bellow button.

Bannifll Dried Pampas Grass

In this 110 PCS Dried Pampas Grass, you will find 6 Kinds of Dried Floral. which contains bunny tails dried flowers 50, mini reed grass 20, white pampas 15, brown pampas 15. white reeds 5, brown reeds 5, a total of 110pcs. Perfect for decoration and excellent quantity. Length is 14 to 17 inches which will fit most of the vases. perfect for home decor, kitchen table, dining, living room wall, office, bathroom, and shower decorations. For more details check the bellow button.

ANPROOR Dried Pampas Grass For Decoration

They picked natural dried pampas grass carefully so they won’t get bent or break. The set has 100 pieces, including 50 small ones, 20 reeds, 15 white grass, and 15 brown grass. Put them in your vase and arrange them however you like for a pretty decoration. The grass is about 17 inches tall, perfect for small and medium vases. The autumn fill material has natural colors and looks fancy. The warm colors make it feel like autumn. It’s great for boho party decorations at weddings, parties, bedrooms, kitchens, vintage homes, Christmas, bathrooms, offices, and more. For more details check the bellow button.

Pampas grass

WILD AUTUMN Natural Dried Pampas Grass

Get ready for their eye-catching pampas grass to look awesome in any room! It works well in homes, offices, or weddings and goes perfectly with boho, farmhouse, and modern decorations! Their dry grass is easy to make fluffy. After you shape it how you like, put it in a vase for a nice decoration in your home or office. No need to water or use fertilizer on it. They take a lot of time to grow, harvest, dry, and pack these amazing grass branches. They’re sure you’ll love the quality, so they give you a 1-year guarantee with no risk. click the bellow button to check more details.

SereneFlora 95PCS Natural Dried Pampas Grass

They picked 6 types of natural dried pampas grass and flowers from their farm, making a bouquet of 95 pieces just for you. The classic look of this item never goes out of style. You can use it in many ways at home, like besids on walls art or tables. It brings natural beauty to your home. Works in any vase. Pampas grass is simple to mix with other decorations. 

Its soft and delicate nature makes a dreamy and romantic feel in any room. Their farm has lots of experience growing pampas grass. We use a special process to make the dried pampas grass fluffy. Put it in the sun for 3 to 5 hours or more, and it will become even fluffier and softer as a decoration. click the bellow button to check more details.

TSLBW 90Pcs Natural Pampas Grass

The stems in this pampas grass bunch are natural and dried. They have their natural color and aren’t dyed. They don’t wither or fall easily. You and your kids can also have fun doing DIY projects with them. Their pampas grass is around 18 inches (45 cm) tall. It fits well in different vases, especially those around 10-25 cm high. You can change the length of the flowers to match your vase. 

Their pampas grass looks beautiful in your home all the time. It’s great for decorating inside and outside. Perfect for making homes look nice, for weddings, gardens, cafes, restaurants, offices, and for doing DIY projects.  click the bellow button to check more details.

Pampas grass

RyddeligHome Dried pampas grass

This pampas grass is all-natural, dried, and feels soft like feathers. The bouquets are 17.7 inches (45 cm) long, with a total of 80 pieces. There are 15 white, 15 small natural, 20 bunny tails, and 30 brown reed grass pieces. It also comes with a brown ribbon for a nice bouquet look.You can use them in the living room, bedroom, study room, or even on cakes and tables. They work well in boho-style homes, offices, hotels, cafes, restaurants, and gardens. The fluffy pampas grass bouquet is also good for seasonal and wedding decorations. click the bellow button to check more details.

Gukasxi natural dried pampas grass

You’ll receive 92 pieces of natural pampas grass decor (no vase included). It has 30 white pampas grass reeds, 30 whisk dust flowers, 15 natural pampas reeds, 10 white rabbit tail grass, 5 elf grass, and 2 reed stems. It’s a lovely bouquet of natural dried flowers that goes well with any decoration style. Their pampas grass is made from natural dried reed grass flowers. They are picked by hand and dried naturally. They are safe and not harmful.

The dried grass is original, fluffy, and warm. You don’t need to take care of them, and they can last a long time. They are good for decorating in all seasons and make your home look more charming with a natural touch. The dry pampas grass is 15.7 inches (40 cm) long, and it fits well in many types of vases. You can also easily cut them into different lengths to match how you want to decorate. click the bellow button to check more details.

Special Tip: Before you bring the bouquet inside, be careful when you take it out of the package. Give each reed a little shake. Since it’s natural, some parts might fall off, so please understand that.

Pampas grass


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